EFQM 2020: An Excellence Model Towards Outstanding Performance

EFQM 2020: An Excellence Model Towards Outstanding Performance

Averroes Business Advisory and Services in partnership with European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM held a forum EFQM 2020: A Model towards Outstanding Performance, to launch the new version of the 2020 Organizational Excellence Model at Rotana City Center Hotel in January 15, 2020.

The event was attended by directors, executive and professionals from the public, private and nonprofit sectors representing over 10 industries.

Mr. Alexis Willems, in-charge of business development at EFQM, introduced the new “2020 EFQM Excellence Model”, which is specially designed to assist organizations and institutions in achieving their direction and goals in order to become more developed and prosperous.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Mansi, Chief Financial Officer of the Al-Taadhod Group “Sponsor of the Forum” said: The aim of this forum is to present the new model of EFQM to Qatari organizations and to introduce them to its importance and role in business development and comes at an important time for private and public companies, local government and semi-government organizations to raise awareness of the importance of quality management in operations and performance.

On the importance of this forum, Mr. Gianluca Mule, COO of EFQM said that this forum was designed to serve governmental, private bodies, institutions and works to achieve the goals of those institutions in an optimal way that meets their future aspirations. He ended his speech with the saying, “Do not be afraid of EXCELLENCE.”

The forum concluded with a panel discussion session moderated by Mr. Ahmed Abounahia, Managing Director of Averroes Advisory and participated by Mr. Gianluca Mule, Mr. Alexis Willems, Mr. Samir Ahmed, Regional Director of Business Development and Market at Intertek and Mr. Mustafa Ismail Excellence Specialist at ORYX GTL, and the session touched on the possibility of applying the EFQM Excellence Model, which is completely new in any institution regardless of the size of that institution, and it can also be used by large or small institutions, as well as private, public, charitable, or governmental organizations, and that institutional excellence is an ongoing journey and not an event, and emphasized on the value that we can derive from institutions adopting and applying the Excellence Model EFQM 2020