Role of AI in Boosting Government Sector Innovation in Qatar Webinar  

Averroes hosted a webinar entitled ‘ Role of AI in Boosting Government Sector Innovation in Qatar’ on September 26, 2023, in collaboration with Qatar University and the Artificial Intelligence Organisation. The purpose of this webinar was to address the increasing adoption of AI, including OPENAI GPT, in Qatar’s efforts to enhance government services and facilitate the digital transformation process.

Esteemed speakers, including Dr. Mohammed Al-Jefairi, Mr. Moslem Al-Qawasmi, and Mr. Ahmed Abounahia, engaged in comprehensive discussions exploring various aspects of artificial intelligence and its impact on fostering innovation. The topics covered during the webinar included Qatar’s strategic approach to artificial intelligence, the lifecycle of AI projects, and the pivotal role of AI in driving innovation within the government sector.

This event aimed to shed light on the transformative potential of AI in Qatar’s government services and its contribution to the nation’s innovation and development goals.