Services- Description


Innovation Maturity Assessment helps organizations maximize their innovation potential. Conducted through the Innovation Maturity Assessment Tool (InMAT) or EFQM Innovation lens framework, it evaluates an organization’s innovation effort in 30 distinct categories and provides a roadmap for improvement. Upon completion, organizations may be recognized as a Certified Innovative Organization at one of three levels: originator, champion, or leader, serving as an objective recognition of their dedication to innovation and ability to implement innovative practices.


Our programs have a dual focus: first, to increase awareness and engagement in innovation execution through tailored educational sessions; and second, to equip individuals with the necessary skills to drive innovation through training and certification. Our certifications, which are certified by GInI, include Certified Innovation Professional, Certified Design Thinking Professional, and Certified Innovation Strategist. These certifications serve as a benchmark for quality and effectiveness, empowering individuals and organizations to become more innovative and competitive.

Strategize & Systemize

This service can assist in creating an innovation strategy and implementing policies, procedures, and methods to cultivate a culture of innovation, including defining roles and responsibilities, governance processes, progress metrics, assessment tools, and KPIs, to embed innovation into the organization’s practices and achieve transformative growth.

Monitor and Improve

We provide a governance framework that helps organizations manage their innovation projects effectively and reduce their exposure to risk, along with various metrics to assess the effectiveness and proficiency of their innovation efforts. Regular check-ins and evaluations are crucial to keep innovation efforts aligned with organizational goals and ensure sustained success.


Innovation accreditation is an important recognition of an organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and Averroes offers assistance in obtaining the Certified Innovative Organisation (CInOrg) accreditation through the Global Innovation Institute (GInI), which serves as proof of an organization’s ability to integrate innovative practices into its operations and position itself for ongoing growth.