Organizational Excellence “EFQM”

Organizational Excellence “EFQM”

Striving for excellence isn’t just about achieving success – it’s about constantly going an extra mile to be better and achieving your full potential.

The EFQM model for excellence presents a myriad of advantages, rendering it an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to bolster their operational excellence. Its benefits goes beyond a satisfied and loyal customer base, successful leadership, streamlined communication channels, seamless adaptation to change, a motivated workforce, minimal recurrence of problems, flexibility in adopting innovation, and an overall improvement in financial performance.

EFQM, a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium, is responsible for the widely adopted EFQM Excellence Model. This management framework, which recognizes organizations that achieve sustainable excellence by following the seven Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, has over 500 members worldwide. The model is employed by more than 55,000 organizations to attain continuous improvement and elevate their performance levels.

We help organizations adopting and implementing EFQM model 2020. This includes baseline assessment, planning and strategizing, capacity-building programs and accreditation.