Services- Description

Baseline Assessment

A baseline assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s current level of performance in relation to the EFQM 2020 Model criteria, which serves as a starting point for the organization’s improvement journey towards excellence. This involves a thorough analysis of the organization’s strengths, and opportunities for improvement, and provides a clear understanding of the areas requiring improvement and insights into the actions that need to be taken to achieve better levels of performance. The assessment is usually done by thorough review of an organization current status and an interview of the leadership and management teams.


Our training programs aim to both create awareness and develop expertise in implementing excellence. The certifications are divided into three levels, starting with the Foundation Training that provides a comprehensive understanding of the new EFQM Model, followed by Performance Improvement Training (PIP) for individuals seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their organization and Assessor Training (EAT) for those interested in pursuing EFQM qualification routes or becoming an Award Assessor.

Planning the Excellence Journey

Our excellence services empower organizations to develop a comprehensive improvement plan with set milestones and specific levels of achievements that will draw the road map for the organization towards EFQM model adaptation and implementation, which is critical for achieving excellence and growth. 

Monitoring & Support

Regular monitoring and reviewing are crucial aspects of EFQM consulting that enable organizations to continuously improve and achieve their objectives. The implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model is followed by regular monitoring using KPIs and employee feedback to evaluate performance, while reviewing allows for analyzing results and identifying areas for improvement.


To showcase your organization’s level of outstanding performance as per the EFQM Model, the recognition process by EFQM indicates the performance level attained by the organization, starting from ‘Validated by EFQM’ to ‘7 star Recognized’. We help organizations in their preparations for external assessments by support and guidance in developing the submission information, finding the correct evidences and conducting simulation assessments.