Training As A Career Ladder

Nowadays, to beat the vast applicant bachelors for a certain job and to beat the odds of rejected applications, especially to a prestigious company, one must be two steps ahead of everyone. One must advance and equip himself with more innovative knowledge, skills, capabilities, talents and ideas to become a marketable aspirant to the different types of competitive industries. [blockquote_right] “If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”. Peter Drucker [/blockquote_right] One must further his competency level to broaden and enhance his field of career to contribute for the success of the company. This is where your market-value is being evaluated and appreciated upon by the company that you wished to be part of. And by achieving these things, we upgrade ourselves by being TRAINED.

Training is not only vital but crucial because it initially determines how you will be able to contribute to meet the target goals and objectives of an organization. It expects employers on how you handle projects, manage people, make decisions, plans, think creatively and provide solutions. It is also very rewarding to both employee and employers because it builds career satisfaction, uplifts morale, gains prestige, stability and happiness at work that results to loyalty, hence increases productivity. Proportionally, it gives opportunity to employers to save time and efforts, fewer accidents, increased quality and quantity performances that lead to its common and main goal – customer satisfaction.

This is why AVERROES BUSINESS ADVISORY AND SERVICES is readily here for you to provide learning solutions to tailor fit your training needs. Averroes Advisory is an international consulting firm specializing in Training, Business Planning Research and Development, Project Management, Integrated Management Systems, Process Improvement and Reorganization, with wide breakthroughs in Business Strategic Planning, dedicated to be a catalyst in the business consulting industry. We provide clients with high quality services and integrated solutions needed to work effectively and efficiently in a timely fashion. What makes us stand out is our commitment towards your organization. Together we can make your organization stronger, profitable and on the move towards a challenging growth.

(Content credit: Leizl Ramayla)