6th Annual Performance Review Meeting Event

6th Annual Performance Review Meeting Event

January 31, 2019, marked Averroes Business Advisory and Services Management review of its 6th anniversary. The Averroes team kicked-off its review by acknowledging the famous quote noted by Earl Nightingale: “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” From there, the discussion was swayed towards our organization’s current mission, vision, and values set in place. After which, a closer look was given to our Business Strategic Map and Business Model Canvas, followed by an overview of the company’s 2018 year accomplishments.

The event was concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation amongst all present team members, as a token of thanks for their continued efforts in making Averroes what it is today.

The event was opened up by Mr. Rawhey Eldabagh – CEO and Mr. Ahmed Abounahia – Managing Director. First, management stressed the importance of knowing where you are headed in business and what is expected to be accomplish in the coming year. Ensuring that goals are in place, having a sense of direction, and developing initiatives based on goals that are in line with the strategy as they are crucial factors when paving the company’s path.

Based on this, our teamwork (culture) needs to constitute important pillars such as having a shared strategic focus, high involvement, and team collaboration. Together, everything is possible. Moreover, a positive employee culture helps to improve employee retention and recruitment, enhances the quality of staff care and encourages desirable behavior. Creative thinking and procedures implementation for continuous incremental improvement also goes hand-in-hand with a positive work environment which will eventually help us get to where we want to be.

Every year, Averroes adds a new line of history through its trial of success experiences, while overcoming challenges, pursuing opportunities, building new partnerships, and developing new services that possesses creativeness and innovation.

Averroes is empowered by its professional advising and assisting clients in different sectors through designing, developing and implementing tailored fit best practices and solutions to make lasting improvements. Averroes team aim to be an international preferred advisory firm for our clients, a benchmark, and a professional leader delivering service with rigor, excellence, and innovation.

Our company values act as the basis of our company structure foundation of customer centricity, partnership, resilience, innovation, and credibility. Averroes’ organizational structure was spotlighted through the importance of implementing the Quality Management System that is in line with the strategic map and integrated with the EFQM philosophy, that depicted key perspectives including financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth.

Averroes team demonstrated during the event, each of perspective with further studied and segmented into objectives and initiatives.
The final area of discussion was bringing light onto our company’s most recent accomplishments such as working on a new business line (valuation project) for United Medical Waste, Establish new service line of start up businesses in addition to opening up new office branches in Turkey and Canada.

A huge thanks goes out to all personnel for their hard work in continuing making Averroes a success story…let’s keep on going and continue to keep the torch lit!

6 Years of Continual Success –