ADLQ Awarded Another Project for a Feasibility Study

ADLQ Awarded Another Project for a Feasibility Study

Another Project was awarded to Averroes Advisory by ADLQ (Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar) for a Feasibility Study.

Off to a great start, ADLQ is looking to further increase its market share in the domains in which it functions through an expansion of its target markets. They also continue to aspire to become the region’s leading authority on doping analysis. This feasibility study will explore these areas, and will also provide a financial analysis of the laboratory’s performance as well its projected performance for years to come.

As an international advisory firm with vast experience and expertise in multiple fields, Averroes Business Advisory and Services is uniquely situated to handle this feasibility study, according to the below objectives, Project Objectives

1. Assess Commercial Potential for ADLQ’s Business Units

2. Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of ADLQ’s Target Segments

3. Identify Strategies, Tactics and Resources Required to Maximize ADLQ’s Social and Economic Impact

With our strong focus on project and quality management, Averroes Advisory is poised to produce an excellent final product for the project going above and beyond the scope of to deliver not only a feasibility study, but advice that is customized according to the client’s specific needs and the nature of the local market.