Averroes Creative Working Week

Averroes Creative Working Week

One of the organization’s initiatives for this year is to create a Creative Working Week where staff ‎chose to think freely and work the way he/she wants on developing their work and completing tasks. ‎

The organization welcomes any creative idea to improve any part of their work or even suggest a way to ‎develop a new process or enhance another in order to increase production, speed up the process, ‎eliminate waste and motivate the doer. ‎

This event took place following the long Eid Al-Fitr’s holiday and celebrations, whereby staff and ‎management celebrated their return at the restaurant Casper & Gambini’s, and the following day at ‎Caribou coffee, a café whereby one can enjoy a cold or hot beverage whilst working. ‎

Activities like this are accompanied by many benefits. Working away from the office for instance allows ‎for some change in terms of working environment. It too gives the opportunity of witnessing the ‎mesmerizing greenery, scenery, and nature from the windows. ‎

Many staff welcomed the idea and are looking forward for another round of such event! ‎