Celebrating 5 years of Business Growth and Achievement!

Celebrating 5 years of Business Growth and Achievement!

Happy 5 Years Averroes Advisory!

On January 4, 2018, Averroes Business Advisory and Services held its first annual Organizational Management Review Meeting at the first of year 2018 at the Warwick Doha Hotel. The purpose of this meeting was to review the organization performance together as a team, the successes of Averroes from previous years until now, and the potential opportunities that lay ahead of us.

The meeting was led by Mr. Rawhey Eldabagh (CEO) and Mr. Ahmed Abounahia (Managing Director) who opened the discussion on Averroes’ history line, as early as its establishment in 2012 until currently. Averroes was founded in 2012 by Independent Management Advisors who joined their efforts together in forming the foundation of this company. What makes us stand out is our valuable commitment towards our client companies. We take pride in our clients by guiding and helping them with strategic business decisions for the success of their organization.

Averroes serves the purpose of advising and assisting our clients in different sectors through designing, developing and implementing tailored fit best practices and solutions in order to make lasting improvements. We aim to be an international preferred advisory firm for our clients, a benchmark, and a professional leader delivering service with rigor, excellence and innovation. Five central values act as the basis of Averroes, which are: customer centricity, partnership, resilience, innovation, and credibility. These values are the foundation by which we live on.

From there onwards, the discussion was swayed towards bringing light onto our company’s business model canvas, strategic map, and strategic initiatives. In addition, we reviewed in unison the business’ accomplishments throughout time. Beginning with consulting, whereby we were awarded two projects from ADLQ out of 3 Tenders, followed by being identified as a top affiliated and approved Feasibility Study Advisor of QDB since 2014, and finally, in the field of training where we conducted a customized training to Al Jazeera Finance. And let’s not forget the recent role Averroes took on in helping put together Qatar’s Pursue for Excellence Event which took place on November 23, 2017.

It is important to note that with the help of our consulting partners were we only able to achieve such accomplishments. Simply put, every team member played a critical role, regardless of job position. Each project we deliver constitutes a group of professional players that make the end product possible and a great one

And most of all, to our valued clients who are with us throughout this journey that without you, we would not have reached this far.

The event was concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation and gift cash raffles amongst the Averroes staff.  Thank you to everyone for your hard efforts in making the past 5 years amazing and we hope for the years to come to be filled with continued success and growth for Averroes.

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