EFQM Partnership Agreement Signing

EFQM Partnership Agreement Signing

Averroes Business Advisory represented by its CEO, Rawhey Eldabagh and EFQM – The European Foundation for Quality Management represented by its Chief Operating Officer, Gianluca Mule signed a partnership agreement on the 25th of April 2019 at EFQM Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The main objective of this partnership is to represent EFQM locally in the State of Qatar and provide its services to all the industries; government and non-government for their excellence deployment. This partnership requires a set of plans to be structured in order to provide awareness on the EFQM model and methodology.

The Goals and objectives of such partnership established to serve Qatar, in line with its Vision 2030, as well as to fulfill the Second National Development Strategy (2018-2022) that aims to activate and apply the Quality Standard of Institutional Performance and achieve Institutional Excellence in all aspects of its work and services.

Therefore in the coming years, both Averroes Business Advisory and the European Foundation of Quality Management will work on transferring knowledge and experience to public and private sectors institutions, inspire them with the concept of organizational Excellence through developing the capacity of their members to understand, implement and adhere to the EFQM Excellence Model.

EFQM Excellence Model can be applied to all organizations who seeks to achieve and sustain outstanding results and meet or exceed the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Therefore, being committed to EFQM would mean that all corporates, private and non-private sectors will need to comply with all its requirements.

Partnering with EFQM will add values and enhancement to the organizations and allows Averroes Advisory to bring about new opportunities and success stories to local industries, through assessing organization performance, defining their culture, developing change, management plan and working with organizations during the transformation phase.

The EFQM will bring more strength to local corporates as Qatar is playing a leading and active role in developing its excellence journey. These dedicated efforts will add outstanding results to customers, people, and society as a whole. As such having a positive impact on the working environment from effectively managing change, improve the levels of performance and increase the return of investment, will eventually resulted with an outstanding achievements.

The principles of EFQM are based on three major aspects namely: the fundamental concept of excellence, the Excellence Model framework criteria, and the RADAR measuring system. These provisions are integrated all together to bring the best of all practices on enhancing organizations while considering stakeholders as an essential component to the Excellence Model by addressing their needs and fulfilling their requirements beyond their expectations. The EFQM is developing a modern version of Corporate Excellence Model that blends the best practices of the last decade and to be launched by the end of year 2019.

It is worth mentioning that on November 2017 the European Foundation of Quality Management and Averroes Business advisory, organized together a forum in partnership with Ooredoo as a primary sponsor titled “Qatar pursue for Excellence” introducing the fundamental concept of EFQM, and share the experiences by presenting a range of global and local Experiences.

Furthermore EFQM and Averroes Business Advisory are aiming to convene another International Conference on 2019 in Qatar, introducing the new EFQM Excellence Model, and present more experience and expertise in order to develop a supporting business environment and foster a culture of corporate excellence.

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