Government Innovation Leaders Training Program (GILP) Inspires Qatar’s Public Sector Transformation

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CGB), the Qatar Research Development and Innovation Council (QRDI), the Global Innovation Institute (GInI), and Averroes Business Advisory, the fourth cycle of the Government Innovation Leaders Training Program (GILP) unfolded from November 26 to 30, 2023.

The paramount goal of the GILP, a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering innovation within government entities, was to underscore the critical role of innovation and nurture the essential capabilities needed to drive progress in Qatar’s public sector. Over the course of five intensive days, more than fifteen government entities actively engaged in a rich curriculum designed to cultivate innovation at its core.

The diverse agenda covered an extensive spectrum of topics and tools integral to fostering innovation. Participants delved into the foundations of Government Innovation, Innovation Management, Ideation, Design Thinking, and the GInI® Government Innovation framework. The program aimed not only to impart knowledge but to empower participants to become Certified Innovation Professionals®, equipping them with the skills needed to spearhead innovative initiatives within their respective organizations.

Distinguished guest speakers graced the event with their profound insights into innovative practices and cutting-edge research. Their presentations not only inspired but also provided tangible guidance on implementing innovative ideas in practical scenarios. The collective wisdom shared during these sessions added significant value to the participant’s understanding of the real-world application of innovative strategies.

Beyond the acquisition of knowledge, this edition of GILP marked a turning point in catalyzing the development of an innovation culture within government entities. The collaborative efforts of CGB, QRDI, GInI, and Averroes culminated in the creation of a vibrant community of professionals committed to practicing innovation at the highest professional standards.

As Qatar’s public sector continues its journey toward a more innovative and forward-thinking approach, Averroes supports the success of the fourth cycle of GILP and stands as a testament to the commitment of government entities in embracing innovation as a driving force for positive change.