New Project with One of the Largest Third-Sectors: Qatar Cancer Society

New Project with One of the Largest Third Sectors: Qatar Cancer Society

Recently, Averroes Business Advisory and Services took on an Organizational Improvement Consultancy Project with QCS (Qatar Cancer Society), focusing on providing effective solutions to current operational and internal systemic issues

This project will undertake multiple steps commencing with a thorough evaluation to help identify the current problems facing QCS. After which, interviews will be conducted with important leaders within the organization such as the General Manager, Board of Chairman, and so forth. The information retrieved from these interviews will be utilized to create a SWOT analysis showing the charity’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The end goals to be reached include: (1) to develop a strategic direction, structure, policies and procedures; and (2) assist the organization in rectifying the red flags identified by external auditing companies.