The government or public service sector thrives to improve public service delivery and promote economic growth in the region. There are multiple initiatives to combat the challenge of diversifying the economy and attaining excellence in the services they offer. The future is solely dependent on implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to support economic diversification and fulfil Qatar’s National Vision of 2030.At Averroes, we can help by offering services that address these challenges and support the government’s efforts to enhance public services. We have been working with several government entities locally in a wide range of services including planning, operational optimization, achieving organizational excellence, training and certifications, and implementing efficient processes. Developing outstanding CX, assisting in delivering high-quality services to their constituents, and many others.


The major industries of construction, energy, finance and medical is operated by large corporates. As competition in the market rises, there is an increasing needs to keep track and adapt to consumer needs, technological advancements and regulatory compliance.At Averroes, we can help by providing services that combats the challenge of improving business efficiency and productivity through market insights, developing winning strategies, digital transformation and others. Over the years, we have been providing diverse solutions to large corporations to enhance performance, conduct business valuations, attain business excellence accreditation and drive sustainable growth.

SME Startups

Over a couple of decades, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been playing a significant role in the region by contributing to job creation, innovation and supporting economic growth. Often, this sector is challenged by limited access to funding and the right assistance to expand into the new marketsWe are a business consulting catalyst for start-up businesses to help and work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, innovators, startups and incubators to launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or simply think “bigger” about future opportunities. Furthermore, we enable them to overcome common challenges such as limited resources, tight market competition and regulatory compliance and achieve growth objectives. We have done it before and we continue to help organizations get ahead of the curve.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are integral to the market by serving various areas including health, education and social welfare. However, their dependence on funding, donations, marketing and sustaining operations pose challenges and constraints.Our services are also catered to amplify their impact, broaden market reach, improve stakeholder engagement and operate with greater efficiency in the market.

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