Qatar’s Pursue for Excellence – Celebrating Together the World Quality Month

Qatar’s Pursue for Excellence – Celebrating Together the World Quality Month

The first event about Excellence in the title of “Qatar’s Pursue for Excellence” took place on November 23, 2017 in the Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha in concurrence with the World Quality Month.

The main objectives of this event were to promote excellence in Qatar in relation to Qatar’s National Vision 2030, leverage the excellence experience, allow genuine exchanges with excellent organizations, learn from each other, and establish an excellence platform in Qatar.

This event was organized by the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) Middle East, in collaboration with Averroes Business Advisory and Services and hosted by Ooredoo.

EFQM is known as a global non-for-profit membership foundation based in Brussels, Belgium with more than 500 members covering more than 55 countries and 50 industries, providing a unique platform for organizations to learn from each other and improve performance.

As for Averroes Business Advisory and Services, it is an international consulting firm based in Qatar specializing in Organizational Development and Excellence, ISO Quality Management Systems, Research and Analysis, Project Management, Process Improvement and Reorganization, with wide breakthroughs in business strategic planning.

While, Ooredoo is recognized as one of the world’s largest mobile international telecommunications company with its headquarters located here in Doha, Qatar.

Averroes Advisory played a pivotal role in the organizational phase of this event. It took on multiple responsibilities varying from venue set-up planning and compatible layout that would suit the occasion of the event, to managing the panel speakers and presenters, leading the whole program with  having one of its team members as the Master Host. Moreover, Averroes Advisory, along with Ooredoo, worked on the biographies of all speakers and their presentation content for compilation and revision purposes.  As well, EFQM and Averroes Advisory presented awards to all presenting speakers as a token of appreciation for their contribution. Planning of this event required a team effort and much time and advanced preparations ensuring everything goes smoothly on the intended event day.

Several speakers from around the world came to present their insight about Excellence Models and their real-time application on an organisational and national levels. The speakers presented international and local case studies and experiences and shed the light on how excellence programs helped them become better organisations.

A panel discussion was held to discuss “How Excellence Programmes and Models Can Support Achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030” and both Ashghal and Ooredoo shared their contributions and Mr. Gianluca Mule from EFQM encouraged establishing National Excellence Awards to promote excellence in as many organizations as possible in different sectors to have a better line-up behind the QNV 2030.

Attendance of the event were delighted with over 70 professional where Majority of which came from various government and semi-government sectors including organizations such the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar University, Ashghal Public Works Authority, Ministry of Planning and Statistics, Qatar Railways Company, Hamad Medical Corportation, and Astad to list a few.

This event is just one step into Qatar’s continuous efforts in achieving its National Vision 2030 and Averroes Advisory is hopeful in taking part in similar events in the near future and would like to thank EFQM Middle East and Ooredoo for the opportunity of working with them to help in leading such an event!