EFQM Training – Shaping Your Excellence Journey

EFQM Training – Shaping Your Excellence Journey

Shaping the Excellence Journey is every organization’s aim and objective in order to envision ‎the path of development in a strategic and creative way. An opportunity arose whereby EFQM ‎and Averroes Business Advisory and Services jointly promoted this course to create an ‎excellent core foundation for the organization that wishes to pursue its fame with an ‎organizational excellence efforts.

From April 29, 2018 until April 30, 2018, EFQM (in partnership with Averroes) hosted a ‎program designed for the management teams of organizations who have the task to understand, ‎manage, and shape and efficient journey towards sustainable organizational excellence. ‎
This program was offered in Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel (by the Torch Hospitality) and ran ‎from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM on both days. ‎

The training course was structured around 8 practical steps over two days, in order for the ‎attendees to develop and shape a successful excellence journey in their own companies from ‎the observations they learned. ‎

Some of the key outcomes of the course include:

  •  ‎Understanding what excellence is and how it progresses along the way
  • Building the journey no personal and operational experiences
  • Understanding the value and existing options to conduct a simple self-assessment ‎
  • Understanding how to plan, prioritize, and manage improvements and start the actions.‎

Members who participated in this program were from Qatar University and Ashghal. Moreover, ‎Dr. Stefan Hagmann was the instructor of this course. ‎

And so, the journey to excellence never ends and it certainly doesn’t end here! Stay tuned for ‎our next upcoming training course in the near future. ‎