Organization Sustainable Development – The 2015 Management System overview

It is well known that organization seeks economic growth, social equity and environmental integrity in order to maintain healthy working environment and stable culture that can survive all challenges that faces the organization. It is the Quality Management system 2015 that can enable organization to surpass the ultimate barriers of any organization when its knowledge are well understood and implemented. Quality is the key to organizational enhancement in defining organization direction towards client’s requirements fulfillment and satisfaction.

Quality principles then become the flag in posting the management system enrichment through its panorama of;

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Relationship management

In which gets the organization (Core & Shell) modified and empowered towards sustainability in its new version of 2015, where many previous requirement become obsolete and replaced with new methodology that gives an organization the flexibility on expressing the organization processes intact. Such as omitting the quality manual and keep it opens to management and its leader’s decision as to how they want to make their approach. However those that wish to keep the quality manual they may do so by improving it to suits the new requirements. The Management System new requirements wish to help the organization to see the organization from the top in a holistic view as the organization continues its business growth.

In another way the new standard requirements motivate and encourages organization to maximize their intellectual power of leadership and commitment in which will bring more innovation on how the organization can promote Process Approach in an unusual and unique way, from the regular pattern previously done to a new innovated model, keeping the door open for different way of bring creativity to operation.

In the addition to being open in getting things done, the new Management System also worked on freeing the mind of the organization leaders and omits the management representative from the new requirements allowing more room for professional candidate to be involved with in the system implementation and maintenance. Nevertheless the philosophy of PDCA takes an action in its original form of (Plan, Do, Check, Act) anchoring down the preventive action as rooted subject matter with in a system that is Risk-based thinking during the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement to the quality management system.

The new Management System Requirements focus on getting the organization to act and move on the preventive action platform and improvement tactic.

By Rawhey Eldabagh
March 2015